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Grass Seed – Scotts® Turf Builder® Kentucky Bluegrass Mix (“14)

Posted by lawntips on March 10, 2012

Providing detailed product information for different grass seed products available locally with the hope of making it easier for homeowners to pick a product that best suits their needs.

/k = for every 1000 square feet of grass area – approximately 30 feet by 33 feet)

Seed Rate – new lawn =  3lb/k          over seed = 1.5lb/k

 Germination –  8 to 14 days

Approximate price/k to overseed  =   $7.50

 Approximate price/lb of actual seed  =  $10.24

General – Scotts most cold tolerant grass seed mix

 Content               Variety                Germination

12.29%       Jump start bluegrass         83%

11.05%       Courtyard bluegrass          83%

11.04%       moonlight SLT bluegrass   83%

7.20%          Midnight II bluegrass       83%

7.19%         Prosperity bluegrass        83%

50%            Water smart® coating

Water smart® coating – grass seed absorbs twice as much water as uncoated seed. This is to help prevent it from drying out in the event that you miss a day of watering.

Courtyard – medium fine texture, dark green color, high traffic, dense growth, good winter color

Moonlight SLT – medium texture, high traffic,  dark blue green color, dense growth, good in clay soils

Midnight II – dwarf growth habit, high traffic, dark blue green color, dense growth, good in clay

Prosperity – medium fine texture, high traffic, dark blue green color, low growth habit, dense growth, heat tolerant,

Notes –  Generally speaking, bluegrass can take longer to germinate than other types of grass. Manufacturer info say 8 – 14 days but you may want to consider watering as if it will take 3 weeks (maybe even 4) to germinate – just to be safe.

Quick tips on lawn overseeding:

1) Cut the grass first – mowing the lawn shorter than normal makes it easier for the seed to get to the soil. Ideally, you want to wait two to three weeks after seeding to mow the lawn again. This allows the new grass time to establish roots

2) Rake bare areas – loosening the top layer of soil makes it easier for new grass to take hold. A very thin layer of soil to cover seed also helps (keeps new seed from drying out).

3) Water – the most important step is to water the lawn. Water two to three times a day until new grass is about an inch tall. you do not need to use a lot of water, just enough to keep the seed moist.

4) Know what type of seed you use – Rye grass usually sprouts in 4 to 9 days. Fescue grass in 7 to 14 days. Bluegrass can take anywhere from 10 to 28 days. This will give you a good indication of how long you will need to water.

5) Starter fertilizer – Phosphorus helps the roots grow and  is the most important nutrient in starter fertilizer, so the middle number should be the highest ( ie 5-10-5,  20-24-4).


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